About Our Law Firm — Chad Brown Law, PLLC

Welcome to Chad Brown Law, PLLC — a law firm in the Carolinas that’s dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for our clients. You can visit our Team Page to learn about each of our team members on a more personal level. But first, let’s introduce you to who we are and what we stand for.

More Than Just an Attorney — A Full Legal Team

When you work with Chad Brown Law, PLLC, you’re getting more than just a dedicated attorney. You’re getting an entire team of committed legal professionals who will work diligently to secure the outcome you deserve. In addition to our lead attorney, Chad Brown, you’ll probably end up meeting or working with many others in our office.

That’s because our law firm employs individuals in each of the following positions:

  • Office Manager
  • Associate attorneys
  • Senior Paralegal
  • Legal intake specialist
  • Initial client contact
  • Medical records specialist
  • Post-hearing client support and claims specialist

We’re proud of our team, and we’re even more proud of what they do for our clients. We believe that everyone deserves dedicated legal representation, and while a single attorney may be able to accomplish this, we cannot forget the adage that it takes a village. Our team is here for you.

A Law Firm Grounded in Faith

Not many lawyers talk about their faith in advertising, websites, or social media. At Chad Brown Law, PLLC, we feel compelled to share this because it makes up the foundation of how we serve our clients. Our Christian value system means that we see all people as infinitely valuable and worthy of our best efforts, kindness, honesty, and compassion.

We believe that true service is rooted in grace — not legal technicalities. This is why we strive to get the best possible outcome for each of our clients. More importantly, our faith isn’t a marketing tactic. We believe in the power of prayer, and our attorneys have worked in their faith long before entering our practice (e.g., AWANA teacher, Englewood Bible Club, Christian Legal Society).

Compassion Is Key

We truthfully believe that compassion leads to passion. This passion leads to zealous legal representation. In turn, this leads to successful claims. Our legal team is nothing if not compassionate. We’ve seen the difficulties experienced when the government takes private property or people are wrongfully denied benefits or personal injury compensation.

Unfortunately, some of our team members have witnessed their own families go through such difficulties. This did more than give them unique insight into complex legal matters. In reality, it gave them a dedicated commitment to making sure others don’t suffer similar challenging outcomes. You deserve fair treatment under the law, and we’ll help you get it.

A Full-Service Law Firm in the Carolinas Dedicated to Our Clients

Our practice does more than just focus on a single legal specialty. Some law firms will only take a certain type of case — because they’ve developed a system to get clients in and get them out as quickly as possible. This can result in fast and consistent results, but it doesn’t take into account the unique situation of each individual client.

We handle a variety of legal matters because we understand that our neighbors will face a variety of legal matters. However, we’re not “trying our hand” in these areas of law. We have legal professionals dedicated to specific case types. So whether you’re dealing with disability issues, eminent domain proceedings, or a personal injury case, we’re committed to helping.

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