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The unexpected can happen at any moment. If such occurrences result in serious injuries or medical conditions, it’s possible that a person will be unable to return to work for an extended period of time. For those who have long-term disability (LTD) insurance, it’s possible to have financial security even during this time. Unfortunately, not every disability insurance claim is approved as it should be. If you’ve been denied benefits — or if you simply need assistance filing a claim — working with a long-term disability lawyer may be in your best interest.

At Chad Brown Law, PLLC, our legal team is no stranger to going up against billion-dollar insurance companies. While insurers may be more interested in profit than helping their policyholders, our law firm is dedicated to securing favorable outcomes for our clients. We can review your disability insurance coverage to help you better understand your rights, and if the insurance company’s decision isn’t fair, we’ll fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’re here to help.

What Are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Disability law in America often allows those who are injured or disabled to submit a Social Security Disability claim if they’re unable to work. Unfortunately, these benefits do not cover every potential situation. This is why many people opt to purchase long-term disability insurance. This is a type of coverage that replaces a portion of a person’s income if they ever become disabled or unable to work for an extended period of time. Typically, a person must be unable to work for at least several months. Specifics can vary between policies.

Long-term disability — and its short-term disability benefits counterpart — is meant to provide financial security when someone cannot work. Benefits help the individual in question maintain their standard of living during a difficult time. Even for seemingly minor injuries, medical treatment can take months or longer before a person can return to their regular line of work. Disability insurance companies have a duty to provide benefits to those who qualify, but they often make the process difficult in the name of profit. A long-term disability lawyer may be able to help.

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How Can You File a Long-Term Disability Claim?

In order to recover disability benefits, you need to alert your provider as soon as you become disabled or unable to work. You can do this by submitting an LTD claim, but filing paperwork is hardly the most difficult part of the claims process. You’ll also need to provide evidence and medical records showing that you’re unable to work. This often means undergoing a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) as part of the long-term disability process. After submitting evidence along with your initial claim, you’ll have to wait for the insurance company to review your claim and make a determination.

Unfortunately, the insurance company’s decision often isn’t appropriate. That’s why an appeal process exists. You have legal rights when it comes to wrongful denials. While it may seem illogical that an insurance company would deny a legitimate claim supported by medical professionals, our law firm sees it happen all the time. In a best-case scenario, the insurer simply made a mistake in your disability case out of an overabundance of caution. At worst, they’ve knowingly denied a legitimate claim or offered to pay less than the policyholder deserves.

Regardless of the situation, the outcome is typically the same: those who need LTD benefits are unable to access them. Fortunately, a long-term disability attorney may be able to help you appeal and get the compensation you deserve. Call us today to schedule your free legal consultation at Chad Brown Law. We’re here to help you secure a favorable outcome.

Can You Deal With the Insurance Company Alone?

Many insurance companies tell their policyholders to contact them immediately if they ever become hurt or disabled. They say this is necessary for them to provide the best service possible. In reality, they’re often hoping to engage you before you seek legal representation. Even when insurers acknowledge that benefits are appropriate, long-term disability settlements are often much lower than they should be. That’s because adjusters will work to have you accept the lowest amount possible.

So while you can deal with the insurance company alone, seeking legal help is often a superior approach. Long-term disability lawyers understand state and federal law as it applies to the insurance claims process. Law professionals also have extensive experience dealing with insurers, and the insurance company is more likely to offer a fair settlement from the start if they know you’ve secured legal representation.

Whether you need assistance with claims forms or have already been denied disability insurance benefits, having an attorney on your side can prove invaluable. At Chad Brown Law, our legal professionals are dedicated to securing favorable outcomes for our clients. If you have long-term disability coverage, we’ll work hard to ensure you get fair compensation.

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You invested in long-term disability insurance so it would be there when you needed it. Unfortunately, it’s often more challenging to recover disability benefits than it should be. In an effort to minimize potential fraud while maximizing profits, insurers have created a system where legitimate long-term disability claims often go unpaid. If you or a loved one have found yourself in this position, it’s important to remember that you have rights. Experienced legal representation can fight to protect them.

At Chad Brown Law, PLLC, our legal team can help you with filing disability insurance claims, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurers, litigation representation, and so much more. If you’re entitled to LTD benefits, no insurance company should stand in the way. In some cases, their doing so could even constitute a separate legal tort (i.e., bad faith), which could result in additional compensation. To better understand your situation and options, you should speak with a long-term disability lawyer.

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