The claim process can be complicated

If your private long-term disability claim has been denied, you’ll need an attorney to fight on your behalf. Having an attorney at the start of the claim process can significantly increase your chances of being approved.

You Can Fight Back

  • We can assist you with your claim
  • Review your policy
  • Find the right approach
  • Explain the complicated laws and process
  • Gather all the evidence for your claim

Insurers want to profit not pay your claim

These Long Term Disability (LTD) insurers have a high priority on profit. For many of these companies, it’s common practice to deny as many claims as possible.

You paid for this insurance to protect you and your family in the event you could no longer work due to a disability or injury. Yet, you’ll find yourself fighting for what’s rightfully yours.

This is why you’ll need an experienced attorney to review your policy and make sure your insurer will qualify you properly.

Things can become difficult when you’re unable to work, pay your bills, and you can’t get the medical treatment and medications you need.

You’re not alone and we will fight back for you.


Chad Brown Law has the experience and the expertise in LTD. It’s important you have representation that has a proven approach to filing a LTD claim.