Chad Brown


Message from Chad Brown – I was born and raised in Yadkin County and have lived in North Carolina most of my life. Most of my spare time is spent with my wife Renee and our 4 children. Benjamin Franklin once quipped there must be a God when he met a lawyer that was also an honest man. While I no mean claim to be a saint, I do claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and believe that as a Christian, I am called to serve with the gifts and abilities given to me by God.  For me that means being a Christian Lawyer, serving both God and my clients as the need arises.  For years I have worked with persons in need of help and have worked to use my God-given abilities to help them the best I can.  While I have not always been successful, and have certainly on more than one occasion failed when I believed I should have prevailed, I have always sought to do right by my clients and the people that work both with and for me.  We strive at Chad Brown Law for you to have a different experience during your time of need.  We pray that God will show you His mercy and bring you both peace and even joy as you experience the trials and disappointments that have led you to need legal help.