Can I apply for Social Security benefits while I am still working?

You can apply for Social Security benefits while you are still working – but it makes winning your case very difficult?

Social Security law defines a person with a disability as one “who is no longer able to perform Substantial Gainful Work…” Generally, if you apply for disability benefits while still working at a job that pays you more than $1,310 (2021 numbers) per month gross earnings, your application will be denied on a technical basis because you are performing “Substantial Gainful Work.” You still can be considered disabled even while you are still working, as long as your monthly earnings do not exceed $1,310.

HOWEVER, applying for disability benefits while you are still working significantly complicates your case. If you are working, you cannot argue that you cannot work at all. You must argue that you can work but you cannot work on a full-time basis. Chad Brown Law doesn’t encourage people not to work. We believe that if you can work, you are likely better off than if you cannot, for many reasons. If you are working and considering applying for disability, contact Chad Brown Law today at (336) 962-5373 so we can help you navigate the complicated issue of working and disability.

Our firm focuses on three practice areas: Disability, Personal Injury, and Eminent Domain. Every practice area has attorneys who have expertise in their respective area of practice. 

Chad Brown is a North Carolina Board Certified Social Security disability law specialist. Mr. Brown helps Social Security disability claimants at all stages of the disability process. He also works with people that have Long Term Disability denials and with people that are injured by drugs and defective medical products.

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to tell SSA everything I did in my prior jobs?

The short answer is – Yes. Claimants must prove they cannot perform any job they regularly performed in the past 15 years to obtain Social Security disability benefits. When you apply for disability, you will be asked to list your previous work history. If you do not...

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