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People with physical and emotional disabilities face many difficulties.  From basic daily activities that many take for granted to navigating the complex work environments that dominate today’s world, persons with disabilities face an uphill battle every day.  When persons with disabilities become unable to work, their lives become very unstable.  Unable to earn an income to support themselves and their families, disabled persons often cannot afford medical treatment, cannot buy desperately needed medications, and cannot make loan payments and face losing their homes and vehicles.  Additionally, unable to work and earn income, persons with disabilities risk facing life threatening complications from their untreated medical problems and often see a dramatic decrease in their already declining health.  Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle many disabled persons face in regaining stability for their lives is the Social Security Administration – the government agency that determines whether they are eligible for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income Benefits.  Overworked and understaffed, Social Security employees routinely wrongfully deny disabled persons benefits to which they are entitled.  Dealing with disabilities in and of itself can be time consuming and overwhelming, faced with battling one of the largest federal government agencies on their own most persons fighting to obtain Social Security Disability Benefits easily become overwhelmed and discouraged.  Whether you are considering filing for Social Security disability benefits or feel you have been wrongly denied at any stage of the process, Chad Brown Law is here to help.  Chad Brown is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law and has helped the disabled fight for their disability benefits for over a decade.  If you need help with a wrongfully denied Social Security Disability claim, need help filing for Social Security disability benefits, or just have questions – don’t hesitate to call us today.

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