What happens if I cannot afford medical treatment?

If you cannot afford medical treatment, winning your case could be difficult.

You may, in fact, have disabilities that prevent you from working, but you have to be able to prove this to the Social Security Administration. You need to provide solid, medical evidence from acceptable medical professionals that point to the fact that your condition makes it impossible for you to continue working. Since many people that are applying for disability do not have medical insurance, obtaining the necessary medical treatment to prove disability can be difficult. While the Social Security Administration cannot penalize claimants for not having medical treatment; they cannot approve cases without medical evidence supporting disability.

Chad Brown Law works with our clients to obtain medical treatment and often associates our sister company Chad Brown Insurance Group to help clients find medical insurance. If you are in need of disability benefits but do not have medical insurance, call us today at (336) 962-5373 to see how we can help.

Our firm focuses on three practice areas: Disability, Personal Injury, and Eminent Domain. Every practice area has attorneys who have expertise in their respective area of practice. 

Chad Brown is a North Carolina Board Certified Social Security disability law specialist. Mr. Brown helps Social Security disability claimants at all stages of the disability process. He also works with people that have Long Term Disability denials and with people that are injured by drugs and defective medical products.

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