Why was my disability claim denied for SGA?

Were you denied Social Security disability benefits due to SGA? Do you know what SGA stands for? Do you know how the Social Security Administration calculates SGA? This post goes into detail about what SGA is and why it is important to understand.

What is SGA?

The term SGA describes a person’s level of work activity and earnings. Substantial work means you are doing significant mental or physical activities or a combination of both. If you earn more than a certain amount of money and are doing substantial work, the SSA will find that you are engaging in SGA.  If you work at SGA, your claim for disability benefits will be denied. Examples of SGA include: contract work, being an employee of a business, and running a small business. Even if you are only working part-time, it can be considered SGA.

What Is Not Considered SGA?

There are lots of activities the SSA does not consider as SGA.  Examples of non-SGA activities include: household chores, going to school, things you do to take care of yourself or activities of daily living, involvement in school activities, and physical, occupational, or mental therapy.

Why was my disability claim denied for SGA?

To receive Social Security disability benefits, your medical condition must be serious.  Your medical conditions must prevent you from doing more than an insignificant amount of work. The Social Security Administration uses the Substantial Gainful activity -SGA- standard to determine if you have worked too much. If the SSA concludes you are working at the SGA level, you are ineligible for benefits.

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