How do I meet Social Security’s medical requirements for disability?
To meet the medical requirements, you’ll have to provide the SSA with evidence that includes the following:
  • Medical history
  • Lab results
  • Physical and/or mental evaluations
  • Prognosis and diagnosis
  • Treatment plan; and
  • Functional capacity evaluation.

Medical evidence must demonstrate that your impairment greatly affects your physical or mental ability to do basic work. It’s critical to receive consistent care from supportive physicians once you’ve applied for benefits. This is not only for your personal well-being, but also to suffice as evidence to support your claim for benefits.

Fortunately, the SSA uses two processes for applicants with severe conditions so that they can obtain benefits quickly. These fast-track processes, Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Compassionate Allowances (CAL), use software programs to identify claimants with severe disabilities so that the Administration can expedite their decisions.

The SSA notes, “If the evidence provided by the claimant’s own medical sources is inadequate to determine if he or she is disabled, additional medical information may be sought by recontacting the treating source for additional information or clarification, or by arranging for a consultative examination.”

Having an attorney can improve the chances of winning your claim:

Your chances of winning your case are improved if you have an attorney help you compile the medical evidence necessary to meet the SSA’s requirements. Chad Brown Law specializes in helping claimants meet the medical requirements necessary to obtain Social Security disability benefits. To speak with a well-established firm representing claimants throughout North and South Carolina, call Chad Brown Law for a free case evaluation at (336) 962-5373.

Our firm focuses on three practice areas: Disability, Personal Injury, and Eminent Domain. Every practice area has attorneys who have expertise in their respective area of practice. 

Chad Brown is a North Carolina Board Certified Social Security disability law specialist. Mr. Brown helps Social Security disability claimants at all stages of the disability process. He also works with people that have Long Term Disability denials and with people that are injured by drugs and defective medical products.

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What happens if I cannot afford medical treatment?

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