My claim for Social Security disability benefits was denied at Reconsideration- what can I do?

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits was denied at Reconsideration- you can appeal
When you submit the Request for Reconsideration form, the SSA will review your case and reconsider all the facts. You are afforded the opportunity to present more supportive documents for them to review during this time. You can submit additional medical records, statements from third parties, and more information about your jobs.

However, most people are denied at Reconsideration – historically less than 13% of claims are approved at Reconsideration…

While your claim will get a fresh review at Disability Determination Services at reconsideration, it is unlikely to change its position. If you are denied at reconsideration you must appeal within 60 days of the denial, or you will have to file a new application for benefits. If your claim for Social Security disability benefits in North or South Carolina was denied at Reconsideration, call Chad Brown Law today at (336) 962-5373. Let us appeal your denial and get you on the path to winning your case.

Our firm focuses on three practice areas: Disability, Personal Injury, and Eminent Domain. Every practice area has attorneys who have expertise in their respective area of practice. 

Chad Brown is a North Carolina Board Certified Social Security disability law specialist. Mr. Brown helps Social Security disability claimants at all stages of the disability process. He also works with people that have Long Term Disability denials and with people that are injured by drugs and defective medical products.

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to tell SSA everything I did in my prior jobs?

The short answer is – Yes. Claimants must prove they cannot perform any job they regularly performed in the past 15 years to obtain Social Security disability benefits. When you apply for disability, you will be asked to list your previous work history. If you do not...

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What happens if I cannot afford medical treatment?

If you cannot afford medical treatment, winning your case could be difficult. You may, in fact, have disabilities that prevent you from working, but you have to be able to prove this to the Social Security Administration. You need to provide solid, medical evidence...

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